It is with great sadness that we made the very difficult decision to close CHAMPS permanently. We care so much about providing life saving programs to young children and developmental programs for them to advance, build confidence, create healthy lifestyles and leadership skills to last a lifetime. 
   It has been an honor to be part of their lives and to serve the local community for almost a quarter century providing children with swim programs and watching them grow from toddlers to days they’d come back as coaches. 
   Unfortunately the current National health crisis has caused a serious safety issue that is to large for our small family program. Although we have persevered through many obstacles in the past, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reevaluate all aspects of our operations and reach this conclusion. 
   Once a CHAMP, always a CHAMP! To all our CHAMPS out there we say thank you so very much for the most wonderful memories on this special ride! Over the years, achievements and struggles have made us the strong athletes, parents and coaches we are today. 
   We extend our most sincere thoughts and prayers of  condolence to all those who have lost family and/or friends to this horrible disease. We also extend prayers of healing to those who are recovering along with those who have been physically or emotionally affected. 
   We will never be able to thank enough: our first responders, essential workers, volunteers, caregivers and so many more who selflessly risk their own safety for others during this difficult time, ESPECIALLY our own CHAMPS HERO’S & LOCAL HERO’S! 
   Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and successful future. PLEASE “Just keep swimming”!!!

     Colleen & Carla

2020 Lesson & Team Members who would like to request a refund for sessions please submit by email with the following information to confirm:
1. Child/Children’s Name(s) 
2. Name of payee
3. Amount (per child)
4. Address to send refund check